Old Town District

The Old Towne District is a City Zoning District established in the C-5 Section of the Zoning Ordinance for the City of Olive Branch. The zone outlines the original downtown village center where substantial public interest exists in maintaining the distinctly quaint, tradition, and charm associated with the original buildings. The intent is that it should serve as a visual reminder of the cultural and historic development of the City.

Anchored in the heart of the Old Towne District at Goodman Road and Pigeon Roost is the Wesson House, a former mayoral residence from 1870 that is recognized by the State of Mississippi as a Historic Landmark. It is the intent of the preservation zone to protect the structures from destructive changes in land use through site design, architectural review, landscaping, and undesirable encroachments into the district. The C-5 Old Towne Preservation Zone accomplishes this through City Administrative code enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance, support of the business owners who elect to join a network of Non-Profit Development Association Members, and a Mayoral appointed Design Review Committee.

C-5 Preservation Zone

Thank you for choosing Old Towne for your business! You chose the location for its rich history and we would like to turn the past into a profitable future. Click on the link (coming soon) to the C-5 Old Towne Zoning District Map. If you are located in this District you have joined the preservationist interested in maintaining the character of the Old Towne District.

In Preserving Our Historic Properties, we do…

  • NOT make building additions nor exterior changes without Design Review Approval from the Old Towne Board.
  • NOT paint or alter exterior colors without approval of the Old Towne Design Review Board.
  • NOT erect business signs that do not have a sign permit form the Planning & Building Department at City Hall.
  • NOT post temporary banners for events without the approval of a permit from City Hall.
  • NOT make interior changes to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC without a State Licensed Contractor ‘s building permit.

To find the permits you need click here

In Preserving Our Historic Properties Our Commitments Are…

  • DO use a business design that compliments the Old Towne character.
  • DO use building neutrals as a background to an independent logo and signage design that may incorporate primary colors.
  • DO maintain green planters and park benches in proximity to our properties to promote a pedestrian friendly park like environment.
  • DO maintain a litter free, sanitary, uncluttered, eco friendly environment.
  • DO preserve the property as near as possible to its original design.
  • DO promote neighboring business though The Old Towne Association and a network of support. To join the Old Town Association, click this link.